"Living Life At The Top"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Well, Finally it's about to go down ..." "The CD release Party Event Show, The Tour, The Movie, The Event."

Well People,

Hope all is in great spirits on this thursday night and hope your weekend coming will be filled with

"Me myself, I'll just be preparing all of my technical aspects for this "CD Release Party Event Show coming called"...
"New Vibe Music Nights"... Coming In March on a Tuesday Night ... "Stay Tuned for the date"...

"Gotta Hit the gym...."HARD"..... !!!"
"lol,lol,lol,lol, >>>>>   but it will be worth it when I hit the stage though." "BETTER BELIEVE IT"..!!

Looking forward to this because "TOP LIFE" is a movement and this completely changes things for me totally..., "YES
Being an independent artist is no joke for me especially because I do most of the ground work 1st before my partners come in and run the rest of the show ... and my partners are "THE FREAKING BEST"...
Maewi (pronounced 'may - we'), they have stuck by me just as hard as my mother and sister and brothers. Also, there are photographers that are responsible to B.Holder Photo and Cara Light Photography. Well, the photography work will be on the actual "TOP LIFE" album ... not the E.P. that will be released because once the full album comes, (in the holiday season of 2011),  You will see art that matches the music, "and that's important to me"... "what comes out of the music is a visual and I feel the art work matches the songs...."
You can catch me on facebook at  and you can "Like" my Band/Music page by looking for a seperate page that is just called C-Will.
How was "Your Valentines or Hearts Day, I hope it went well..."
Also, Please hit me up on this blog and give me your thoughts I want to hear about it.

Egypt Got What They Were After...
Obama Is Still Toughing It Out....
"Did you like the Grammies."
 "What' else..??"
let me know.....

always for you

now, check this out...

seems to be this song has the most hits in 27 days so far....sooooo,
"This is what the people say,....."    Cool .....!!

Peace Everyone,....
Keep checking here for more info on me and Maewi Camp.
"Have a great weekend and week"...


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