"Living Life At The Top"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"HAPPY NEW YEAR">....!!!

"So,.... Here we are people, >..... "HHHAAPPPYYYY NEEEWW YEEARRR"..!!

wow, this whole technology thing is humming in my ear, "Keep Up Or Keep Out"....!
I'm posting links, 1 of which you see above .....
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"however, on my main site, I do not answer emails, "SO DON'T EMAIL ME THERE,"
because if you want to talk to me, you can come here and leave a message or on my facebook in the
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"Working on a lot lately and dealing right now with body, mind and spirit for myself first as the 1st quarter in the new year, but also for the "TOP LIFE" movement.
Seems like we enter the age of "SOCIAL NETWORKING" at a crazy passe and it also seems that the war that "MAN" has with this technology is really all about "Greed," however, I'm not mad at the "GAME," but when you do live inside the matrix, you must learn how to survive well inside of it.

Now, that link above about the blue and red pill "Is a thing of the past..." "I've actually gone through that stage 3 times,... "4th time inside of "TOP LIFE"... that's because I believe we all emerge and because this global world changes rapidly, so we must change as well, outside of you change anyway for yourself before others.

Here we go rapidly emerging into a time and century of the computer being the answer and socializing 1 on 1 is less appealing. "Wow," "when did this happen...?," "you may ask..?," "I think it started with emails, then myspace and etc....but you might even think it was earlier." "Maybe it was earlier," however there was another thing lost.... "THE ATTENTION SPAN"... "DAMN"!!!, "nobody listens and you get a lot of people now who cut you off in conversation"... hahahaaaaaa !

So, "You see above that the average attention span for adults is 20 mins in giving a presentation."
"Hhhhmmm," "funny, because on youtube video channel, I notice the presentations are much shorter for how the same subject would be longer and now people cut up there presentations in like 9 short videos."

"Forget about music, because we went completely backwards."
"Now a song is coming down to 2 mins and 30 seconds...for radio or youtube video purposes."

"DDDDAAAANNNNGG"!!!! where are we going with this no socializing and.....
NO attention span and more rapidly evolving technology on a day to day change....?~~!!!!"

Let me know your opinions...?

Be Aware, "hope this helps"...